CD sound quality and my new psyChill album SpaceDroneSalad

Just finished mastering of my new psyChill album SpaceDroneSalad. In the course of the mastering work I listened frequently to CDs that I had burned and I was blown away by the sound quality compared to mp3s and AACs that we got so used to listening to. Maybe there will be a comeback of the CD for people who want to LISTEN to music and not just having it as a background noise…

SpaceDroneSalad will be released soon in Switzerland on my own label HyperDisc, distributed by Fontastix.

I’m thinking about releasing a vinyl version and maybe NOT releasing it on iTunes, Spotify etc. for quite a while.


„I Am One (LSD Housewife)“ by PJ Wassermann – Official Music Video

This is the official music video for the track „I Am One (LSD Housewife)“ from my upcoming psyChill (psychedelic Chillout) album „SpaceDroneSalad“.

The live parts of the video were recorded at Tetra Ibiza (thanks to Lucia, Xabi, Ramesh and all the other artists there) with projections by Asteria ( The Butoh dancers are Aida Miro and Amanda Orloff. Camera by Albert Martos.

The documentary parts show an LSD experiment, conducted in the US in the 50ies with a housewife who had volunteered for the psychedelic experience.

The music has been composed, performed and produced by PJ Wassermann. We are available for live performances! More info on

Preparing new Schaltkreis live performance

Currently staying in Ibiza and preparing my new live performance of Schaltkreis Wassermann. Last year when Private Records, Berlin, re-released our classic PSYCHOTRON album on vinyl I did an extended DJ gig with old Schaltkreis material (a lot of it unreleased) – not just playing the tracks but tweaking and intertwining them live. Supported by Asteriza’s visuals. Now for the upcoming gig in Antwerpen on Oct. 24th 2103 I have a lot of new tracks that I’ve been working on for the upcoming new Schaltkreis album. I’ll have two or three analog synths with me and will tweak the tracks live. This I’m setting up and rehearsing right now, something between retro-futuristic and minimal synth. Looking forward to seeing you in Antwerpen…


PsyTrance has become so boring

Yesterday we were at „Cosmic Circus“, one of these nice little Swiss psyTrance parties. Beautiful location, fancy decoration and lots of nice people – but the music has become so boring: always four-on-the-floor and always the same galloping bass groove with some swooshes or stabs on top of it. After four hours it felt like the same five tracks had been played again and again. It become unbearable and we left. Probably afterwards it would have gotten better with Neon Jade and Om Sagar who strive to make their own original music but we had become too tired of waiting…