„I Am One (LSD Housewife)“ by PJ Wassermann – Official Music Video

This is the official music video for the track „I Am One (LSD Housewife)“ from my upcoming psyChill (psychedelic Chillout) album „SpaceDroneSalad“.

The live parts of the video were recorded at Tetra Ibiza (thanks to Lucia, Xabi, Ramesh and all the other artists there) with projections by Asteria (www.asteriza.com). The Butoh dancers are Aida Miro and Amanda Orloff. Camera by Albert Martos.

The documentary parts show an LSD experiment, conducted in the US in the 50ies with a housewife who had volunteered for the psychedelic experience.

The music has been composed, performed and produced by PJ Wassermann. We are available for live performances! More info on http://www.pjwassermann.com

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