Preparing new Schaltkreis live performance

Currently staying in Ibiza and preparing my new live performance of Schaltkreis Wassermann. Last year when Private Records, Berlin, re-released our classic PSYCHOTRON album on vinyl I did an extended DJ gig with old Schaltkreis material (a lot of it unreleased) – not just playing the tracks but tweaking and intertwining them live. Supported by Asteriza’s visuals. Now for the upcoming gig in Antwerpen on Oct. 24th 2103 I have a lot of new tracks that I’ve been working on for the upcoming new Schaltkreis album. I’ll have two or three analog synths with me and will tweak the tracks live. This I’m setting up and rehearsing right now, something between retro-futuristic and minimal synth. Looking forward to seeing you in Antwerpen…


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