Eternal Bliss -„Full-OM“ at Nr. 3 in Ektoplazm charts

Eternal Bliss – Full-OM auf Platz 3 der Download-Charts bei Ektoplazm.
Eternal Bliss – Full-OM at number 3 of the download-charts at Ektoplazm.

And there are lots of very nice comments like this one:
if we had such music always at the partys…the original spirit would never die….people would be colourful, naked, smiling and loving…not sozialized commercial, cold,egoistic, mainstream, nonspiritual….this album is the perfect blend of the original magic with the energy of todays fullon.. you help keeping the dreams of the movement alive.. 🙂 anarchy & love =)

It’s a free download at Ektoplazm so if you have little money then go and get it!

If you want to support our musical productions then please buy it at iTunes:

Eternal Bliss at Ektoplazm
Eternal Bliss at Ektoplazm

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