Looking for a music management

From 1980 to nearly 2000 I was a professional musician with my own electronic production studio (that was a rarity at that time). I regularly released records (Schaltkreis Wassermann) and had some hits (Matterhorn Project) but most of the money I made came from making music in the realms of movie and video soundtracks, jingles and radio advertisements.

In the late 90ies I got tired of investing my musical passion into contract work and I started doing software jobs. After a couple of years I specialized into developing databases with FilemakerPro which I still do today. I like the intellectual challenge of writing software and I appreciate that I mostly have to use my brain and not so much of my heart for earning my living.

I’ve always continued to make my own music, now freed from commercial restrictions (my own chillout solo albums, producing two solo albums for my wife Stella Wassermann, developing my live psyTrance project Eternal Bliss and producing other artists). In the last couple of years the wish to spend more time as a musician again has become stronger. I don’t want to abandon my software jobs but I want to be touring with my live projects from time to time and make my recorded music known on a larger scale.

Currently I have a new psyChill album nearly finished that will be released under my name of PJ Wassermann. I have a couple of new electronica tracks that will become a new album of Schaltkreis Wassermann, maybe even a double album with all the Schaltkreis material that I have made for my concerts with Stella in 2009 and 2010 before she tragically died in 2011. I also have a new ambient album ready.

To release all this music and to manage my live gigs I need professional help. With my daytime jobs I just have time left for making my music. I can’t search for a label, promote the recordings and do bookings – I just don’t have the time. So if you have any suggestions for a good and efficient management that respects my artistic integrity then please get in touch with me…

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